Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Alice and the Hyaena

I'm a fan of "Alice in Wonderland" or, more specifically, I'm a huge fan of Alice's insatiable curiosity. Her wide-eyed approach continues to influence children and adults alike and, in my opinion, is a prerequisite for any worthy artist or scientist.

It is both my love of Alice and my fondness for the spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta) that inspired me to name this blog Hungry Hyaena. "But what does that have to do with Alice," you may wonder.

Below, I have excerpted from "Through the Looking Glass."
And here I wish I could tell you half the things Alice used to say, beginning with her favourite phrase `Let's pretend.' ...And once she had really frightened her old nurse by shouting suddenly in her ear, `Nurse! Do let's pretend that I'm a hungry hyaena, and you're a bone.'
Ever since I came over a hillock in Botswana and found myself "face-to-face" (in fact, the distance was closer to ten yards) with a large female spotted hyaena, I have felt a close tie to this species. They are brutal looking animals but, though most people consider them ugly, filthy creatures, I see something of myself in them.

I'm sure to go on about spotted hyaenas in a later post, but what matters here is the image of Alice, that most creative and curious of souls, gnawing on a bone with her powerful hyaena jaws.

She will be through to the marrow in no time.

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