Thursday, December 15, 2005

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Still crushed with work, I haven't had time to surf the blogosphere today. I barely had time to address comments made here at HH. Hopefully, something more substantial will appear soon, but here's a silly tidbit to buy me some time.

I received an unusual piece of email *SPAM* this morning. I've presented the "Subject" and text of the email below, almost exactly as it appeared in my Inbox. I have, however, taken some liberties with the line breaks, lending more poetic sensibility - or something like it - to this bit of silliness.

it's a snore on the prosthetic earthworm
maybe reluctant,
birdwatch on oilcloth may erupt
see the boatswain, but southbound
it's a checkout
some towns end and comic be cancelling.

Or maybe not.

Nonsensical ramble, you say? Perhaps, but something about this *SPAM* poem rings true. It's a Jim Morrison/Bob Dylan take on the three-headed pandemic that is our culture of agreeable distraction, apathy and fear.

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Wooplebutt said...

Probably not.

Hungry Hyaena said...


Dear Lord, you're part of Sparkledrive!? In my younger, more brash days, I treated your band poorly. I apologize for doing so. If you play NYC, let me know, I'll have to check you out.

Yoinkyoink said...