Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ArtCal Zine Review: Ugo Rondinone

My review of Ugo Rondinone's exhibition, "Big Mind Sky," is posted at the ArtCal Zine. (Click here to read.)

While you're there, I encourage you to read some of the other recent reviews and write-ups. The contributors are a good bunch and I'm hoping the zine might become a regular stop for art readers.


Oly said...

Rockin' review.

Wish those photos were yours, though.

I think an ejection for illegal photography from Marks would be legendary, as well as sooo very punk rock.


PS-- Was commenting to Bosko on our vastly different two "writing styles"-- (Hyaena and Oly)

My review would have read:

"Uh... Dudes, they're like Easter Island monolithic turd snowmen."

At least it's better than his clowns.

Oly's cardinal rule:

Clowns + art = creepy, scary and bAAAd.

molly schafer said...

hey HH!
I just read "Hunters for the Love of the Land" in National Geographic and thought you would be interetsed. The article is online-

Here is a quote from the article

“Every day, you had to kill the thing you loved most, the animals upon which your life was dependent. It was the first mystery—and I would argue the basis of religion, which was an attempt to explain what happens after you die.”