Friday, June 20, 2008

Southern Spaces

A friend of mine works as an editorial associate for the Emory University-based Southern Spaces, an interdisciplinary, online academic journal. The journal features essays, photography, short films and more, all exploring "the spaces and places of the U.S. South."

An erstwhile Southerner, I find Southern Spaces especially edifying, but most folks, no matter their provenance, will find the content of interest.

Thus far, I've contributed only two photographs to the site, one a snapshot of the marsh edging my family's Virginia home (for use in the journal's scroller credits) and another of a decaying love seat, abandoned in a seaside marsh near Bull's Landing, thirty or so miles south of Heron Hope. (A sibling photo is displayed above.) Both images capture some of the Eastern Shore's flavor.

If you want to receive e-alerts when Southern Spaces publishes new work, visit the the website and click on "E-Alerts," in the lower right.

Photo credit: Hungry Hyaena, 2005

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