Friday, December 12, 2008

Dead Birds

Noel Grunwaldt
"Untitled (Hawk #3)"
Watercolor and graphite on Strathmore illustration board
40 × 30 inches
"Birds still alive with their wings compound-fractured, bone sticking out, the angles gruesome. A confiscated mesh laundry bag stuffed with falcons and owls, many dead, many not, all mashed together like dirty underwear...A pile of forty-seven dead hawks and eagles, each one decapitated by poachers to keep it from biting, all of them confiscated in one morning. A smaller pile of bloody heads found scattered on the ground the same morning."

-Jonathan Franzen, "The Way of the Puffin," The New Yorker, April 21, 2008


martin said...

i saw the grunwaldt show... it was nice... tender... she had little dead bird sculptures on pedestals as well.

Hungry Hyaena said...


I agree. I also saw the show.