Monday, June 01, 2009

Fogged Clarity

My artwork is included in the June issue of Fogged Clarity: An Arts Review. The Michigan-based literary and arts journal is published monthly online; print versions are released three times a year.

Executive Editor Benjamin Evans writes of the June issue,
"But for now it is the beginning of summer, so open a window and an ale and enjoy our June offering. I sit down with Joe Meno to discuss his eloquent and sensitive new novel, 'The Great Perhaps.' Jascha Kessler’s essay 'A Modest Proposal' is licentious and brilliant. Lewis and Clarke’s Lou Rogai sings about the passage of time. Poet Chris Hosea debuts and reads two dynamic new poems. Author Richard Cassone explores a day in the life of a blind child. Chicago artist Damara Kaminecki stretches form and function. And many other gifted people interpret the world, examine their heads, and make magic in multiple mediums."
The direct link to my Fogged Clarity contribution is here, but I recommend that you take time to enjoy the rest of the June issue.


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