Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tikkun Daily Art Gallery Feature

Christopher Reiger
"the bird opened its eyes as I did mine"
Watercolor, gouache, acrylic, pencil, sumi ink and marker on Arches paper
27 x 32 inches

I'm happy to announce that my artwork is featured in Tikkun Daily Blog's art gallery.

Tikkun Daily introduces readers to contemporary art "that critiques the pretensions and cruelties of our materialistic and self-centered culture, as well as [... teaches] us something new about politics or spirituality."

From the site's art gallery mission statement:
"Why does so much art these days lack social, political, and spiritual depth? The idea for this gallery arose from our yearning for images that are deeply moving, nourishing, and provocative.

It often seems that 'realism' in any of the arts has come to mean painful realities: the things we would rather cover over, the rapes and violence and harshness, the dirt and poverty. We’d love to see uses of the term that also referred to love, empathy, wonder, beauty, recovery. Those are real too. They happen. But love and empathy [...] are often portrayed with Hallmark-card sentimentalism, or in some unreal way.

This art gallery is a space for images of peace, hope, and social transformation that are fully grounded in an awareness of the suffering that exists in our world."
Please visit Tikkun Daily to read Philip Barcio's "Beast's Burden: Paintings by Christopher Reiger." I encourage you to also check out the work of the other artists so far featured on the site, and to learn more about Tikkun Daily here.

Image credit: Christopher Reiger, 2009


Donald Frazell said...

Is that an owl I see? The sign of Athena, with rays from the head, as she was born from Zeus cloven skull, born of her mother who was swallowed by Zeus, born of feminine self fertilization, and so equal to her "father" of virgin birth? Sprung full grown in warrior garb, ready to battle?

Yes, I agree and so does your site, social(humanity)political(mental structures)and spirtual, of god. But also like your site there is nature, science, and it is not always peaceful. Even though internal peace is always the goal through balance and losing the self, this is not always possible in the human world, that of politics, where evil does lurk. We must be aware, prepared, and ready to battle. By word and deed. And art and music.

Art can be peace and love, but as the Vatican accepted, so much of that is tacky. It is not always the world we live in, and when it does happen, it is short lived. Guardians we must be. We have much to be grateful for, but also much to be angry about. Art must reflect both. Neither can dominate to be in balance.

All true spiritual leaders have acknowledged the strife and vanity of the world, the arrogance and greed. True peace is internal, being at one of mind, body and soul. And so become strong, to battle when and where we must. But love and appreciate peace when we have it, and never take it for granted.

Art must reflect this truth, of who we are, what the world is, and a god we strive for, but must never claim to know, to own, to use for selfish aim. War and Peace, we must own to our natures, and reclaim the balance, for in long term peace, we become lazy and decadent, times we live in now. As the ancient Hellens said, every generation needs to know war, to learn how truly terrible it is.

And so it is. But now clinical, apart, sanitized for consumption and rationalized, so those in power can ignore it. And have cut taxes during such a time, never before in the history of the world has a people been so selfish and using of others. We must speak out, even when it causes discomfort, for others are dying for us. If we are to ask others to sacrifice, then we all must.

The Age of Meism is over. Athena must rise. It is time for battle.

Anonymous said...

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Hungry Hyaena said...


I hope that you're right about the decline of Meism. I'm less sanguine about that, but I do note some encouraging trends.

Anonymous said...

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