Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Birthday Gift

Shell Beach; Sea Ranch, CA

On the morning of my 32nd birthday, I am sitting on the northern California coast, watching a great egret balance on a raft of dead sea grass. The grasses are held in suspension on the Pacific Ocean's surface by submerged kelp beds, and the white bird rises and falls atop the coastal surge, otherwise motionless as it awaits potential prey. A pair of brown pelicans glides north, just over the waves.

32 years on this Earth, and still I feel like I am opening my eyes for the first time.

Photo credit: Hungry Hyaena, 2009


Donald Frazell said...

Welcome, let me know if you ever come down south. If you go to central cali, go to San Luis Obispo, the most incredible place is Montana de Oro state park, few know of it, mostly locals for horseback riding and surfers, i took most of my photos there, even my wife loves it. Not dramatic, but eternal, of course Diablo canyon nuclear reactor is right over the last ridge, so may get bionic critters someday, but gorgeous. Enjoy your stay, and your birthday young man. And watch out for the otters, they bite.

Michael McDevitt said...

Happy Birthday, Old Man!

Let's go around the sun a few more times.

Donald Frazell said...

Glad you are back, there is work to be done. i hope learning our coast will be of some benefit to you. It is wild, the earth and sea tied togetehr in constant battle, moving into one another, yet making both so much more, watching the sun set beneath an endless ocean. Eternity. Peace.

Hope you enjoyed the stay. Now, lets get to work.

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