Tuesday, December 08, 2009

"Two Degrees of Separation"

One of my drawings is included in "Two Degrees of Separation," a well-populated group show that opens this Thursday at Gallery SATORI.
"Gallery SATORI is pleased to present 'Two Degrees of Separation,' a group exhibition with ninety artists to be held in the Project Space and Lounge at Gallery SATORI. The artwork ranges widely from intimate paintings to delicate paper sculptures to videos on minute monitors to a ceramic soccer ball. The show investigates the web-like interrelationship between many of the artists working in New York as well as a few artists working in London, Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Sydney who have connections to the artists based in New York.

The relationships may include friends, colleagues, partners, lovers, spouses, studio-mates, room-mates, friends of friends to shared experiences in educational programs, residency programs, artist panels, and exhibitions. Some may not remember how or when they have met or why they know the person but when asked if they know him/her the answer is 'yes.'"
If you're in NYC, please stop by Thursday evening to say 'Hello'...assuming you can find me in what's sure to be a very crowded gallery!


"Two Degrees of Separation"
December 9, 2009 - January 24, 2010
Opening reception: Thursday, December 10th, 6 - 8 PM

Gallery SATORI
164 Stanton Street
New York, NY


Donald Frazell said...

How did it go? was there zero degrees of seperation with two buyers wallets? (even idealists gotta eat)

Hungry Hyaena said...


Nope, nothing as of yet. This idealist eats using the money he makes at his day-job. ;)

Donald Frazell said...

Sigh, dont we all. Got a sorta show at a illustrator friends gallery/studio in a great location next month, and know I got one sold already, but gotta promote yourself these days. Going to get the Judgment paintings set up and get the Vatican to make a decision, and get the local Diocese to take a look. Maybe the First AME, which friends tell me would love it. my son was baptized there so maybe.

But going to check with the Getty and the Simon Rodia/Watts Towers to see about possibly donating the triptych, if the Getty will get off its myopic ass and save this most important of LA art sites, far more important as art than the Hollywood/land sign, though it is iconic of the whole shallowness of LA.

They are supposedly an art area, designated by the City, who has never followed up on it. A skate park is being debaeted about going up next to it, which I think is great. Needs some life in the area, has a small art gallery named after Charles Mingus(bebop bassist)but never gets the artsy types done there, they get scared. A guy I work with lives a block away and looking to buy a home there, and says he sees carloads of pale faces drive by from time to time, but never get out. The area is fine unless looking for trouble, been there with my kid for drum festivals and such.

We need sacred spots, where we honor our past, and build for the future. This is a spiritual sculpture, built of selfless dedication, he gave the place away and left when done. He called it our town, nuestra puebla. Such art must be again. And I do mean must if we are to survive.

And check my blog out, killin them at the LA Times/culturemonster about LACMA wanting to raise $750mil to tear down and rebuild the place, absurd. It is nice inside now, with a few things to do to make it whole, and lots of options on the outside. Current architecture takes away all options, it is "perfect", and no ability to modify, change, and make into a myriad of different growths and styles, which a living city, or ecosystem, are.

Hope you had fun. Keep it up, change is coming.

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