Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Logical Consequence

"'Art for art' is a tactical slogan, a necessary rebellion against philistine didacticism and political control. But pressed to its logical consequences, it is pure narcissism."

- George Steiner

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Donald Frazell said...

Art is one function of human culture, the visualization of our commonality, our purpose, our passion. Mind, body and soul revealed, we have a role in society, not to cater to a certain class or group, but to unify us all. To create the mythologies of Us, of humanity. Through which we commune, and gather in joined worship of god, not man. We revel in nature, and learn we are one with it, and god. but are not god. We grow, or decay.

Now is the time. We MUST bond together, and artists rolls in this are vital, but have been failing. It is time to do our jobs.