Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Coyote Pursues" Capital

At the risk of turning HH into a platform for promoting friends' KickStarter fundraising efforts, I must draw readers' attention to Deborah Simon's terrific puppetry project. Like Olympia Lambert did last month (and so many creative people are doing every day now), Deborah and her collaborator, Matt Reeck, turned to KickStarter with hopes of generating the funds necessary to produce "Coyote Pursues," a multi-media puppet and video performance to be presented at St. Ann's Warehouse Puppet Lab this June. I dare you to look at those coyote faces and tell me that you can't contribute a little something!

After you've helped out Deborah and Matt, visit her website to view her paintings and drawings, or read the essay I wrote about her work some time ago.

Image credit: courtesy Deborah Simon

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nasha said...

i just saw the show on friday night. wow. wow. wow. i cried it was beautiful and moving. and the puppets were so very special and charming. =)