Monday, July 05, 2010

A California Hello and a New York Hyena

Robyn Winston's spotted hyena cake in progress

This past Thursday, Elizabeth and I safely completed our cross country drive, and with negligible damage to any of the art, furniture, books, tchotchkes, or other objects we loaded into the back of Cheryl, our Penske rental truck. Now that I'm a San Francisco resident, however, I must settle in, find a part-time job, and land happily on my art-making feet in a new and exciting environment. In other words, please understand if HH posts are irregular.

In the coming weeks, I hope to sort through the many drive-by snapshots Elizabeth took from the shotgun seat, including tremendous storms brewing over Kansas, vast wind farms in Colorado, and the stunning salt flats of Utah. In the meantime, I'm posting several photographs of the amazing spotted hyena cake that my friend and talented artist Robyn Winston made for my NYC send-off. I'm delighted to think that I may be one of a very few people who has been presented with a hyena shaped cake! Thank you, Robyn!

Robyn's finished cake

My happy mug with the hyena maw

Photo credits: Robyn Winston, 2010


Donald Frazell said...

Welcome, to the most varied and beautiful state, and land perhaps in the world. From redwood rainforests to volcanic timberlands down teh spine of the incredible Sierras, through Death Valley onto the powerful Colorado river. then through deserts and wild flowers of Anza Borrego which had an earthquake yesterday to San diego Bay, then up through our metropolis of lA, and the incredible coastline of central cali. Stop at SLO and morro bay, nothing is more spirtual, earth and water in constant battle, than Montana de Oro state park, where most of my photos are of. not scenic, but truly look, and you will find. And of course teh breadbasket of our nation, the San Jouquin, and fertile salinas valley. The best food anywhere. Cooking here with what we grow is perhaps the greatest art form known to man, certainly tastiest. my lettuce, spinach and chard are about done, but tomatoes, eggplant, basil, peppers, and soon tomatillos, something Bobby flay has yet to discover, and so much more.
Enjoy your new life, now get to work.
Donald in the LBC

Pasadena Adjacent said...

take a breath Donald

Welcome to the golden state