Sunday, September 12, 2010

"From the Same Place"

Robyn Winston
"Untitled 30 (Vampire Series)"
Acrylic, charcoal and gesso on paper
28 x 22 inches

"You have to learn to love all your artworks and accept them because ultimately they were all made from the same hands and come from the same place."

- Robyn Winston
Robyn wrote the above in a recent letter to me. I think the quotation worthy of inclusion in a future collection of Letters To A Young Artist. The sentiment is simple and too often so many noble truths.

Image credit: courtesy Robyn Winston, 2010


Anonymous said...

I'm not an artist, at least not one who would put his works out in public. But I really appreciated this nonetheless. Cheers.

Who Cares? said...

Yes - nice quote....and nice blog by the way :-)

Hungry Hyaena said...


Glad you appreciated it.

Who cares?:

Thanks for caring. ;) (And thanks for the kind words.)