Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Navigating the Flood

"By [Claude] Shannon's definition, the world now produces more information in 48 hours than it did throughout all human history to 2003. [...But] if the universe is information, it has always been producing a deluge of data, and humans have always found patterns of meaning in the waters visible to us."

-uncredited writer in The Week


Evelyn said...

Chris - I've been following your blog from Richmond and enjoy it - know (knew) your mom and dad on the Shore. Thanks!

Donald Frazell said...

This is why the artists first duty is to create what Hemingway called the automatic shit detector. This takes yeara and decades of mature growth into adulthood, and impossible in the sterilized confines of academia. It takes learning, knowing and feeling life. In the real world, not a prepschool.

One must work and develop ones communicative ability along the way to surpass ones own desires and feelings, to connect to all as one grows into mature and responsible adulthood. Ones skills must evolve and become stronger til one can become completely natural and unforced, beyond all dogmas and theories which are but starting points, not the destinations so beloved by the academics who are backwards in all things. Real life does not touch them in their sterile Ivory towers, it is amongst the rot and growth of the uncleaned natural world, not the manmade, that this happens.

Then one can create the most important work, the filter that seperates the shit from the rich manure instantly, we dont have time to wallow in filth or will be overwhelmed in info sewage. We must work the field with natural mulch to plant and harvest. Only surround oneself with the very best, mediocrity and career are NOt an aoption. Truth the only way, that which leads to US, never I.

Hope you have been well in your first year in Cali, it has been as interesting as always(the Chinese curse kind) in the LBC. But all is well and growing in our beautiful world, til mans ego and hubris show up.

art collegia delenda est