Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Urban Wild #2

Image credit: copyright Christopher Reiger, 2011


Donald Frazell said...

Sorry, seemingly off point but not really. Cezanne's work goes to teh heart of mind/body/soul of art, and is being called irrelevant at Artinfo. gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

OK, I am furious now. You just gotta write a response to that absurdly stupid article on your site about Cezanne being irrelevant. You dont see many youngsters because they have been brainswashed by the Academies of spoiled daycare brats into self absorbed, therapy driven, game filled stupidities of careerist nonsense. I see people who respond to Cezanne all the time, I teach art classes for intelligent well ballanced, purpose seeking young, and even my 22 year old son absolutely loves his watercolors. He is a film student, and they all hated the stupid Contempt nonsense at the Broad at LACMA except for Koons puppy and MJ with Bobo, and they were more as goofy backdrops for pics.

The best show I ever saw was concurrently with van Goghs second period retrospective at the Met in the 80s. Back when I started painting and quit from the early 90s on to raise my kids, and came back to this totally and complete perversion of life I see now spewing out of our decadent academies. It was a show of ALL of Cezannes watercolors, OMG it was beautiful, and revelatory. AbEx painters especially loved his watercolors, they were Pollocks starting point. Energy and the pulse of life filling all space.

I copied one of his oils, Mt St Victoire from Bibemus Quarry in the only art class I ever took, and hanging now in my dining room. People love it, young included. It is not Cezanne the young hate, but the art that is forced down our throats. Only art students go now to stupid vanity shows, as Contemptorary art has been found to be irrelevant, so 99% dont bother going at all. And music it terrible, the arts now are all about propigating the views and desires of the wealthy, it is dividing us, not binding us as true creative art does.

As Cezanne did. It is these reviewers who are irrelveant, NOT Cezannes work. Though I must say his smokers are among the ones i find the least interesting, his work from the early 90s on were his greatest, and he died at his peak, or he may have still been growing, he died too early. His Great Bathers wasnt even done yet, the reason for Picasso to make Demoiselles at all were his bathers taken almost directly in poses from the small five women bathers in switzerland. The critical misunderstanding and attempt to put his work in words is what diminishes them, online. In person, he was and is the Father of Us all.

You just ignore art now, and have replaced it with the mirror of Dorian Gray. It is now all about YOU, not Us. And We have walked away. Rather watch game 7 of the Stanley cup or NBA anyday, thats real passion, commitment, sacrifice and responsibility to ones teammates. Keystones of true art, and completely exorcised in todays vanity balls of art fairs. Creative art is and always was about defining who We are, binding us toegether, exploring our world, feeling nature, and reaching for what we call god, seeking purpose and meaning. Cezanne raised the bar to new heights of a universal humanity, it now no longer exists and commerce and amusements is every thing. Art is the highest common denominator, entertainment the lowest, yin and yang and both necessary. Contempt "art" is but decadent fashions of theose who are too thin and too rich, those bored and seeking conversation p;iceces as they truly have nothing to say.

art collegia delenda est
Fine art colleges must be destroyed.

Hungry Hyaena said...


Maybe I'm misunderstanding the Artinfo essay's point, but I took it as a defense of Cezanne's process and preoccupation with beauty. The last page seems especially concerned with this. The writer seemed to repudiate many of the critics he cited.