Monday, December 12, 2005


Deborah Simon
"Spotted Hyena" (side view)
Polymer clay, fake fur, paint, wire, and cotton
22” x 30” x 12” inches

This morning, meteorologists made much of New York's "lower than normal December temperatures" for the second consecutive Monday. Personally, I'm lovin' it! In good spirits, then, I thought I would kick off the week by posting a sculpture appropriate to this blog (but not to the cold weather). Read more about the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) here and here.

At present, the sculptor, Deborah Simon, is living in Lucknow, India, with her husband Rick Connerney, a Phillips Talbot Fellow with the Institute of Current World Affairs. Rick was sent to Lucknow to study the "influence and impact of religion on Indian life and society."

Before moving to Lucknow from New York City, Deborah had been focusing on painting - I've included a reproduction of one of her paintings below, this one of a common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) - and she credits her present surroundings with a renewed interest in sculpture. She writes, "Sculpture is more prevalent here - from household shrines to temple carving - it is more a part of the average Indian's life than painting."

Deborah Simon
"Common Octopus and Moon Jellyfish"
Watercolor and gold
30 x 18 inches

Image credits: courtesy the artist, Deborah Simon

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Carl Buell (OGeorge) said...

HH, now that's one laughing hyaena! Love the Octopus and Jellyfish!