Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Quick Note

Alright. I'm guilty. I didn't attend any of the New York art fairs this past weekend.

My absence was not a self-conscious, superior gesture, although I do know a few idealistic artists who rage against the machine by boycotting the fairs, getting uncommonly drunk, and spewing expletives in the general direction of Manhattan's western piers, the site of The Armory Show.

So what's my excuse? No profundity or rage here; I'm just a little burnt out on the trappings of the art world. I felt my time would be better spent in the studio, particularly since I needed to break the back of a painting which had been throttling me.

If you're looking for art fair coverage, however, there is no shortage of it to be had. A good place to start is Art Fag City. Art Soldier provides a nice counterpoint, along with a listing of numerous art blogs offering critique and reaction. For my part, I haven't yet felt compelled to read much of it. Even the hard-edged realist in me, all too aware of just how beholden the system is to the dollar, doesn't respond well to these events. They're usually boring, crowded, and filled with inane conversation, more artsy-fartsy fun house than navigable exhibition.

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