Monday, May 07, 2007

The Thinking Blog Meme

Bioephemera, an excellent blogosphere resource for those interested in science, art and the intersection of the two, has tagged Hungry Hyaena as a "thinking blog." I'm honored to be included among so many thoughtful bloggers, particularly because it doesn't appear as though too many art-oriented blogs have so far landed on the list.

Memes are typically annoying, especially those that, like this one, introduce you to a world of content when you already have innumerable books, journals and magazines not-so-short listed...not to mention the NetFlix queue. Bollocks to the overwhelmed mind!

Still, this meme is better than most, as there are so many very good selections in the mix.

My additions to the Thinking Blog meme:

- Friendly/Agitate
(Well written and considered, even if I don't always agree with every argument or observation. In fact, the subtle differences of opinion make it a more interesting read for me.)
- Rigor Vitae
(Another good meeting of biology and art, this one with a focus on natural history.)
- Simplistic Art
(Writing on the intersection of neurology and art, with a little bit of of the writer's artwork thrown in for good measure.)
- Creek Running North
(A mix of biology, philosophical musing, and passionate storytelling, this stop rarely disappoints.)
- Blue Crane Standing
(No long rambles or tirades here; just assorted poems, images and links that, when taken as a whole, offer a complex, poetic portrait of our time.)

Those of you tagged should visit here for instructions on what to do, should you choose to participate.


bioephemera said...

I am nothing if not annoying. ;) But then, I have time for it, since I don't have a Netflix queue. Or, at the moment, a job.

jason said...

Thanks! I'm flattered, of course, although I'll probably abstain from posting one myself for fear of leaving someone out (though you'd obviously make my list). Also, I wish you would let me know more often when you disagree with something I've written. I love learning from the criticisms of others; the more heated the better!

BTW, speaking of Netflix, have you tapped into the 'Friends' feature on your Netflix queue? I was terribly disappointed to find out that the two friends I've added are both around an 85% similarity to me. I guess we're all just hipster stereotypes who like the same damn movies (although I was shocked, shocked, shocked, to find out that one of my friends had rated Herzog's Aguirre a mere four out of five stars!).

Hungry Hyaena said...


No NetFlix queue? Does....not....compute.

Yeah, and thanks for being so annoying. ;)


I'll respond/comment on your posts when I feel I have something worthy to contribute. I generally don't comment on blogs much these days, excepting brief kudos like, 'Right on!," or "This is really moving." Real substantive, I know, but what can you do? I view your blog as an op-ed by someone I know vaguely, which makes it more relevant somehow. I prefer to mull over the ideas you present, but in the future I'll make an effort to comment if I do enough mulling.

I didn't know about the NetFlix "friends thing." I'll look into it. "Aguirre," by the way, is definitely a 4 (out of 5) star film in my book, but I have a fickle rating system. On the other hand, I write down brief reactions to every movie I watch - yes, everything - in preperation for early senility and so that, should I see a film again down the road, I have a measure both of my own intellectual growth (or devolution) and of the film. So at least I can account for my ratings, whatever they may be.

Sunil said...

Thank you.