Monday, March 24, 2008

More small (art) world updates

- Jenny Kendler, the artist I was paired with (by Molly Schafer) for Dan Halm's "And So On..." blog curatorial experiment, introduced herself to me last night, via email. I'm glad she did; it turns out that we share more than Molly's approval.

Jenny recently started a very promising blog of her own, Wunderkammer. The name alone makes for an ostentatious start, and Kendler's content so far is excellent. I've added Wunderkammer to my blog roll, and plan on making it a regular stop.

- Well, sort of regular. My blogging activity - reading and writing both - has waned greatly of late...because my studio activity has picked up. I'm hard at work on a video, two paintings and a number of drawings, and I have four (hopefully exciting) paintings gestating.

I have a number of studio visits planned for the next month and, if all goes well, I'll soon announce three (or more) upcoming shows. At least two group shows are official, but a west coast solo show and other NYC group shows are additional possiblities. When it rains, it often pours, they say. Indeed.

- I hope all you readers are flourishing, too. Perhaps I'll see some of you soon and, for those friends living in Seattle and San Francisco, in a week or so, on the Olympic Peninsula and San Francisco Bay!


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Hungry Hyaena said...

Thanks, Games. That was splendid fun.

Michael said...

While I find Game's assessment to be both incisive and illuminating, I must strongly disagree with points 13-17, as well as #21. Points 6-9 are particularly salient and cause me to rethink my intitial response to your post. Nice comment, Game.