Sunday, April 13, 2008

And back again.

Ruby Beach at sunset; Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Despite American Airlines' recent woes, I returned only four hours late (to the wrong airport, but I can't be too picky) from my trip to Seattle, Washington's Olympic Peninsula, and San Francisco.

Hoh Rainforest; Olympic Peninsula, Washington

It was a fantastic ten days, and the time spent there renewed my deep affection for the landscape, flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest. In the coming week (or, unfortunately, weeks), expect further rambling about the trip, as well as more photographs. (Or, if you want pictures now, you can check out the Flickr photo set here.)

Generally, though, posting will continue to be sporadic; more group shows cropped up while I was traveling...and that means even more work must be made. It's a good kinda pressure.

Point Reyes; Marin County, California

I hope that all the regular readers have been well, and a heartfelt thanks to those of you that treated me so right on the left coast, especially those of you with floors and beds for me. The trip wouldn't have been possible without you.

Photo credit: all pictures, Hungry Hyaena, 2008


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Michael said...

It was a pleasure to have you out there. BTW, in the interest of accurate nomenclature, the term is 'Blobscaping.'

Michael said...

I mean 'out here.'
Here, there, whatever.

Hungry Hyaena said...


Umm...your site (if you're real) displays in Japanese. Sorry.



Thank you...for everything. Everything, Michael...including the xerox that you stuffed into my bag. I'm sure the airline folks who searched that very same bag enjoyed finding a photo of our Italian friend. I'm probably on some sort of sex-watch list now.

Michael said...

As if you weren't on that list already...

Sunil said...

Great pictures. The picture at Point Reyes is phenomenal...

Hungry Hyaena said...


Thank you, sir.

Oly said...

You've inspired me to form an art pseudonym.

I shall now be referred to as:

Olympic Peninsula

Glad you had fun.