Thursday, April 17, 2008



I haven't written much of anything since returning to NYC. I'm still playing catch up. Leave your home for almost two weeks and the modern world wags a scolding finger, making monkish solitude and gainful unemployment look that much more attractive.

Posts are in the works, however. Regular readers can expect at least two essays on my recent trip west (and, yes, more pictures), as well as several arty posts. I saw a few good shows before I flew to Seattle, and I feel compelled to comment on some of them, if only briefly.

In the studio, I'm experimenting with handmade papers produced at Dieu Donne Papermill. I was nominated by artist A.J. Bocchino, a former resident at the mill's studio, to be included in the second installment of "Opportunity As Community." I hope to successfully incorporate weaving and sewing into my "O.A.C." project, as well as drawing in a variety of media, including ink, watercolor and conte.

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