Friday, August 29, 2008


Ernst Haeckel

"A key has no logic to its shape. Its logic is: it turns the lock."
-G.K. Chesterton

Ernst Haeckel

Photo credit: via Wikipedia Commons, from Ernst Haeckel's "Kunstformen der Natur" ("Art Forms of Nature")


chloe - party like an art star said...

these are wonderful!! i did a piece on haeckel's work a couple months back when i was first introduced to the art of tiffany bozic. i've always had a fascination with taxonomical illustration. i love these pieces because they highlight the sort of restrained psychedelia of his pieces. very fun. for some more you can read the (VERY brief, mostly pictures if that's your thing) article i wrote on haeckle's work at party like an art star

Hungry Hyaena said...


I'm glad that you also like them. Taxonomy, in picture, concept and practice, is a favorite subject of mine.

Your introduction to Haeckel via Bozic makes sense; I like that art viewers (and artists) so often work their way backward through an artistic legacy or genealogy, discovering a great many favorites in the process.

Good luck in the great northwest!