Thursday, March 12, 2009

SEED Magazine: Dendrites in art

I'm honored to have a write-up in the terrific SEED Magazine.

Biologist, artist and writer Jessica Palmer discusses "Synesthesia #1," one of my 2008 watercolor and ink drawings. Palmer is a gifted and insightful writer, and her short essay is fantastic.

Read it here.

I also encourage further exploration of the newly redesigned SEED site. It is a remarkable publication. The "Culture" section, in particular, is interesting to generalists excited by science and all of its ramifications.


Caril Chasens said...

Synesthesia #1 is a fucking WONDERFUL painting. Degas's Little Dancer does have perhaps a slightly moosey face, but... the diddely-dancey light-stepping MOVEMENT of a moose, for all its size.... you got it....

Hungry Hyaena said...


Thanks very much!

Chris said...

Congratulations on the feature, Chris. I've enjoyed SEED for a long time, and it's nice to see a familiar name get some attention there.

Hungry Hyaena said...


Thanks, man. I hope that you're doing well!

All the best.

peter.cowling said...

I watched a tv show called 'the boy with the incredible brain' a couple of months ago. It was on Daniel Tammet, the autistic savant, who is incredible not just for his savant abilities, but also for his ability to describe his view of the world.

Tammet recently described the period featured in the drama, in which he recited pi for five-and-a-half hours and learned the Icelandic language in a week or so (cannot remember the timeframe), as his 'performing seal period'. That may be true, but it does make for fascinating viewing.

It also raises some rather large questions about the appropriateness of an education system, which very much clings onto a learning by rote or bust mentality.