Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Studebaker; Eastern Shore of Virginia

In time, all things - pants, refrigerators, Studebakers - succumb. The extinction of human civilization is likewise inevitable.

But one of the most wondrous faculties of the human animal is its capacity for heightened compassion. Working as a conscientious society, we strive to conserve the ecology we appreciate not simply because we have the means to do so, but because we recognize that doing so is just.

Photo credit: ShoreRebel

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Donald Frazell said...

This may not be compassionate, to squirrels anyway, but goes with the recipe you gave below, on what to hunt and gather, our future perhaps? i am tempted, damn they are annoying, just glad I dont have the peacocks like over in Palos Verde, loud suckers. But do have flocks of up to 80 green parrots, talk about loud, but just fly over here, live near Belmont Pier from what I have seen. But forage for wahtever they eat. As we do. Squirrel kabobs anyone?