Saturday, May 09, 2009

Andre Ethier

André Ethier
Oil on masonite
20 x 16 inches

Compared to his previous New York City outing (Derek Eller Gallery, May 2007), the imagery in André Ethier's current solo show is a relative disappointment. Fortunately, there are several strong works, of which the untitled painting pictured above is the most outstanding representative. As I wrote in 2007, "at his best, [Ethier is] something of a latter-day, irreligious Blake."


bioephemera said...

I saw the image in my feedreader and went "That looks just like Blake." So I guess I have nothing to add here. Except "ooooooh."

Donald Frazell said...

That is prety good, nice to see something taht fulfills my description of crative art. mankind, nature and god. rare these days, have to see more.

art collegia delenda est

Donald Frazell said...

UGHH! I take that back, just looked at the exhibtion. Thats the only good one, two other portraits are OK. Looks like a bad mix of surrealism, Arcimboldo and R Mutt. Disappointing, hope his older stuff was better, but he is in a bad direction. Illustrations only, mental halucinatory games. Hope he snaps out of it, the image you showed is excellent.

Hungry Hyaena said...

Yeah, he's very hit-or-miss. I really like his gems, but they're few and far between. Still, the best of his work is so good that I shrug off the rest of it happily.

Donald Frazell said...

Googled the guy, and only got the outfielder for the Dodgers, and some garage band guy. Get alot more googling me, whats up with that? Strickly a Frenchy? cant get their stuff, still trying to find out where my family name is from, I know I aint no Scotty. Though I am cheap, er, thrifty.