Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation Notice

As of Wednesday, June 17th, Hungry Hyaena will be "out of the office" for a little over a week. I'm heading to central Florida, that "open-air zoo," to visit two good friends.

Our home base will be Gainesville, but I'm hoping that we'll spend most of our time in Paynes Prairie Preserve and the Ocala National Forest, where we will be birding, herping and taking plenty of photographs.

I also hope to find some time to catch up on a little editing, reading and writing.

Until I return, I wish all of you all well!

Photo credit: Florida Green Water Snake (Nerodia floridana) in Paynes Prairie Preserve, image ripped from TomSpinker's Flickr photostream

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bioephemera said...

Awesome! Enjoy yourself.