Sunday, July 05, 2009

Les Seifer's Fairytales

Les Seifer
Acrylic, ink, crayon, pencil, and cut paper on panel
22 x 26 inches

Les Seifer's mixed media paintings evidence a playful disregard for the conventions of painting. The interactions and proclivities of Seifer's varied media inform the pictures' making; as a result, the paintings include unexpected compositional and color choices, even as they manifest the artist's formal command.

Les Seifer
"On These Earthly Shores"
Acrylic, ink, and cut paper on canvas
30 x 36 inches

Atmospheric and often gritty, the pictures also reflect the striking (and similarly unconventional) juxtaposition of past and future in urban settings. The layered imagery of Seifer's works is partially rendered or scrubbed out, a lost and found architecture of our evolving cultural landscape.

Les Seifer
Acrylic, ink, pencil, and cut paper on canvas
30 x 36 inches

A native New Yorker, Seifer is clearly inspired by the diversity and mutability of the city's outer boroughs, but his saturated, pooling colors and hodgepodge approach evoke a less specific sense of nostalgia, one that is universally understood. Even the darkest or most anxious of Seifer's works celebrates human imagination and potential; his pictures are dreamlike and fundamentally optimistic, poetic records of our increasingly plural mythos.

Seifer's next solo exhibition opens on Friday, July 10th, at Ernden Fine Art Gallery, in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Les Seifer
Oil, acrylic, ink, crayon, pencil, lino cut print, and cut paper on canvas
30 x 36 inches

Image credits: all images, courtesy Les Seifer


Donald Frazell said...

Nice work, got a website?

Peter Cowling said...

An artist who 'gets it all out', I feel. Thanks, Mr. Reiger.

Hungry Hyaena said...


Yes, but it only works on some browsers. I believe that Mr. Seifer plans to fix it up very soon.

Here is the link.


You're welcome, but the artist deserves the thanks! ;)