Wednesday, April 08, 2009

ArtCat Zine review: Rachel Beach

My review of Rachel Beach's current exhibition at Like the Spice Gallery is posted at ArtCat Zine.

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Anonymous said...

In what sense are you calling Jefferson Patriarchal? In his personal life, yes. But, politically no way. Lightening rod he was in that he believed the next generation of government/citizenry should never be saddled with laws passed by previous administrations, therefore, all laws consitutional or otherwise should expire every twenty years to be written anew. He was a lightening rod alright, for mayhem, and avarice. But that's the thing with ideologues..believing all nature is ultimately good and just. I'm not saying I have a hobbesian view of the world, just more in line with John Adams, the ever wary John Adams.

Recommendation: read "His Excellency" by Joseph Ellis. It lays bare Washington's struggle to reconcile his tried & true opinions formed out of the grit of experience as opposed to those born of theory and rhetoric espoused by non-soldiering statemen of his time - And if you can find it - Fawn Brody's "intimate portrait of Thomas Jefferson. It's 34 years old and may be out of print, but I am sure your local library will have a copy. Get it; you'll be glad you did.

And btw, My conservative sensibilities enjoys your blog for what it truly is: smart, well written, and thought provoking. Thanks!

Dani in Alaska and of all towns...WASILLA!!!

Hungry Hyaena said...

Thank you for commenting.

I've responded to this comment in the Jefferon-Paine thread, located here.